Our Mission and Service

The aim of our lodge is to provide hikers with safe shelter, food, and information. We always welcome you and hope you have a wonderful time in this beautiful natural setting.

How you get here

You need to hike 45 minutes from the top of the chairlift.

Hiking information(Link to IyaTime)

Business period

Our bussiness period is from 28th April to 23rd November.

We are closed during winter.



Our dinner consists of traditional dishes cooked with locally sourced ingredients.

Many of these ingredients are either grown or picked by us from the wild.

As we are located far from town, we make use of preserved foods during the winter season.


The rooms are simple, with only pillows and matless sleeping areas.

Please bring your own amenities.

We offer private rooms and a dormitory room with a ¥1,500 discount.

If you have a sleeping bag, you may bring your own. If you need a blankets instead of a sleeping bag, it costs ¥1,000.


We have rules of bathing because water at the top of the mountain is limited. So bathing needs to be an easy and quick way.

Thank you for your corporation.

  • Please do not soak in the bath. Pour hot water on yourself.
  • The limit of hot water per person is about 5 bowls.

  • Do not use soap and shampoo.


Room Rates
Season Room Type Price per Person Blanket Rental Dinner Breakfast
Summer Season
(June - September)
Private room ¥7000 ¥1000 ¥3000 ¥1000
Dormitory room
(¥1500 discount)
¥5500 ¥1000 ¥3000 ¥1000
Spring and Autumn Seasons
(April, May, October, November)
Private room ¥7500 ¥1500 ¥3000 ¥1000
Dormitory room
(¥1500 discount)
¥6000 ¥1500 ¥3000 ¥1000

Please note: The lodge is closed from November 23 to April 28.


Reservation for next season will start on 1st February.
Email: 1955yoyaku@gmail.com

If you would like to make a reservation, please provide us with the following information:

  • Desired date of stay
  • Number of guests (male/female)
  • Nationality
  • Phone number (if you have one available for use in Japan)
  • Private room or dormitory room
  • Do you need dinner and breakfast?
  • Do you need futon?
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