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There are 3 routes by bus to get to Minokoshi(見ノ越) where your hike will start.
They do not operate everyday. Only once or twice a day. So please make your plan carefully.
Tell drivers that you are going to Mt Tsurugisan. Drivers will help you.


Bus time table


I have put some translations on bus timetable.
There are not much space to put words, so you need to know some Japanese words to understand it.

Words You need to know:
月 (Month) 日 (Day)

Therefore “4月27日” means “27th April”.

Click below to download the timetable.

Bus time table(pdf)


Overview for each routes


On 3 all routes, you need to transfer bus once. But it is connected so you don’t need to worry. Tell the driver that you are going to Mt. Tsurugisan.

1, Anabuki route

Bus depart from Anabuki station(穴吹駅) where it places at the middle Yoshino river.
I personally recommend this route. Not only because it is the valley where I grew up, the view of Anabuki river is brilliant. Crystal blue water of Anabuki river coming from Mt Tsurugisan have elected as “the most beautiful river water” in 2015 by the government.

1 thing you need be careful is that thier operating days are pretty limited.
Please carefully see the timetable.

It is 2460 Yen one way.

2, Awa-Ikeda route

If you are visiting Iya-valley or Oboke, you will use this route.
They departs from Ikeda Bus Terminal(池田バスターミナル) which is near Awa Ikeda Station(阿波池田駅).
It stops Oboke station Iya Kazura Bridge, and go up to Minokoshi.

It is 3140 Yen one way from Ikeda Bus Terminal to Minokoshi

3, Sadamitsu route

This route which departs from Sadamitsu Station(貞光駅) is slightly cheaper and faster than the others.
If you are staying around Mima-City and Anabuki Route is not operating, this route is an option.It is 2000 Yen one way.


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